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Sunday, 20 April 2014

#BlogCamp14 - My Take-Home

It's been over a week since BlogCamp14. I'm now writing this because I've had a super busy week. Pardon me.

There are two things that stuck with me from this year's BlogCamp and both were in the Citizen Journalism class moderated by @OsabuANNY

One. If we want to achieve anything effective with social media, we need to take a lot of the action offline. Nii Ayertey also made a lot of noise about how we do not own social media platforms and how they easily be manipulated by the state and other people who do not agree with us on issues.

Two was by @kinnareads. She said something like; All activism shouldn't be about calling-out, naming and shaming or just generally ranting and blasting the government and other agencies for not doing their work well. She continued, sometimes all that is needed in our part of the world in activism is to effectively provide the right information for the people who need it.

After all, an informed people is what one needs to carry out an effective activist campaign offline.

And oh, Accra has a new podcast known as ACCRA NKOMO by @OsabuANNY and host, @billie_mack. The first episode which featured @nii_ayertey and @AntiRhythm focussed on Social Media & Activism. I think it's great. 

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