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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Why I Didn't Attend the Ghana Basketball Awards

The very first Ghana Basketball Awards organized by Rite Multimedia took place this past Saturday. I had several calls prior and after the event asking if and why I didn't attend the event. It will be a flaw on my behalf to deny that the ceremony and all that came with it created a bit of an excitement within our basketball fratenity (no matter how small it was).

I opposed the event from the very first moment I got news of it being planned by the organizers. My number one reason (which I've stood by any time someone had mentioned an awards ceremony for basketball) being that WE HAVE NOT or ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH to award oursleves for anything just yet. The current state of the game in this country is not one to celebrate annually with an awards ceremony.

Rebound GH got a citation at the event but that doesn't change my mind about the fact that the event is/was a celebration of the organizers, their events and their sponsors more than anything else. The record should however be set straight that, this opposition to the awards is in no way personal but purely ideological and should be treated as such.