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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Church Worship or Emotional Highs?

For the record, I'm a confused 'Christian', if you care to know. I blogged about my confusion a few months ago here. Like many Ghanaians, I was born into a family many will consider as a 'Christian family'; we go to church on Sundays and my parents have some leadership positions in the church. (Myself I chop some post for youth church before, then e no be easy)

I'm at church right now. My beef today is about worship in church, where worship is singing(mostly slow religious songs) to praise God. I see a lot of the worship people give to the Supreme Being in church as fake. (I believe true worship goes beyond the walls of any church in the world). A lot of church folk are only over taken by the emotions that the loud music and environment in church provides. They most often get into a mood I'll like to call an emotional high. People like to look cool in church too, you know?

I hope that the tweet I posted earlier did a good job of summarising this: Sentimental Crescendo; church things.

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