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Friday, 10 May 2013

My Camera is NOT a Toy

I'm nothing close to being a pro photographer and still have a long way to go if I want to be put in that category. I refer to my self an ''accidental photographer''. I fell in love with photography accidentally because of my basketball blog. I had to take photos of players during games and other events to add to my blog posts before I could say jack, here I was reading and trying to find out as much as possible about this photography craft; all in an attempt to take nicer photos for the blog.

It's been a bit past three years since I started that blog; three intersting years. My first camera was a Canon Powershot A560 and oh my did I buy batteries. Those battery buying days drained my already hollow pocket like crazy. I lost that camera, well I didn't. Someone else did. I gave it to a friend at church who wanted to use it at an event. Next time I heard from him was in a phone call, ''chale, the camera lost oo, e make like the troski wey I take wey e fall inside'' and just like my little silver baby was gone. She served us well.
And so came the first hiatus of my ''adding photos to the blog post days''. I didn't own a smartphone then so you can imagine.

A few months passed then came baby number two in the form of a pretty sleek all black Canon G9. An upgrade from the point and shoot Powershot but also a few features away from a DSLR. It was perfect for me then chale. Had a good run with it until February 2012 when it mysteriously got missing on a working trip to a school in Dodowa. It was a tough loss. 
I lived without a camera again until I bought my next camera, my first DSLR and an entry level one too at that; a Canon 1000D on the 22nd of October 2012. It wasn't an easy purchase. She cost me good money. So far she's been a good partner and we're hoping for a few more blissful and enlightening years together without any of us getting missing.
Let's go back to the my camera not being a toy issue and I beg you pardon for bothering you with all that history.

This is a typical scenario I'm sure has happened to you if you are a photographer or happen to own a DSLR at an event(for me, it's typically a basketball game): You're taking photos and then you sort of take a break, then someone(mostly a friend or even an acquaintance, goes like: ''make I take a few shots'' or ''can I see what you've got so far?'' I answer no most of the time. I get all kinds of replies and looks, but I've learned to care especially after my bitter experiences.

I don't care if you're Einstein smart, I'm not giving you my camera at random. You need to respect that the fact that the camera is an integral part of what I do and will not risk any funny accident with her because she's not a toy. Yea, I trust my self more than you to take better care of her even if you're holding it in my presence. Call me whatever name you want. I don't give a hoot! 

I can't talk about cameras without giving out multiple thank yous and shout outs a good friend who has been of much help and has encouraged me not to give up. I got my first two cameras from him and he recently gave me a Sony bloggie to help me with what I do. Nathan Lamptey a.k.a the don sly pussy, thanks a lot bros, I owe you a lot.

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