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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What Do You Believe in?

Like many of you reading this, I also spend a good amount of time behind my laptop and on the internet everyday. I've therefore decided I could as well learn something new from on here everyday, else what's the point being here? Of course, a lot of the things that a brother picks up are not the most relevant; what some may refer to as useless information. But they do come in handy during convos, you know?

But a few days ago I happen to find my self on Chuck Lorre's website. A website solely dedicated to the vanity cards he places at the ends of his productions. If you don't know Chuck Lorre, for a quick intro, his most popular creations include Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

I know my coach pal will call me 'brown' for not mentioning this site to him especially if he finds out about it while reading this... just by the way.

Yea, so back to Lorre's site. I think there are about 390 cards in all on the site, and I've not read even a quarter yet. But some of Chuck's earliest cards from his "Dharma & Greg" days have got me thinking. he talked a lot about his beliefs; the things he believes in. This has got me thinking and asking my self endlessly, WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN? I've not gotten any answers yet, though I pray that as I live I will come across a few(answers) to make my life more meaningful and reasonable.

The funny thing is that until I bumped into this, I've been personally been thinking about my faith as a Christian lately and how much I've sucked at it. I sometimes wonder if I believe at all. All that I've learned in my life as a Christian; from my sunday school say-after-the-teacher days to my grown-up sit-down-listen-to-the-powerful-sermon-and-be-touched-by-the-spirit days. Like a lot of Ghanaians who are Christians, we grew up following our parents to church, but as to if we believed, our parents cared less. For them they did their job; got us to be in church! Sad!, innit? (forgive my LAFA)

But remember a brother continues to think,so what do I believe in?
- Personally 
- Religiously
- Historically
- Economically
- Morally
- Socially
- Sports-wise

The list can go on, but chale I don't know all yet.

So do you know what you believe in yet? ...Share you thoughts with a confused brother.

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  1. Hello Theo, i feel you.
    I believe that life has been turned into a search for space (as in buying a big plot of land, then building a big house on it, then we go out to buy lots of unnecessary things/stuff to fill the house with) the problem is that we live in space there is too much of it to conquer, we cannot conquer ourselves as is evident from all the wars going on economic, religious, historical, societal etc. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur when what we really should be encouraged to do is being intrapreneurs, looking deep within ourselves to find what makes us and sharing that with the world openly and non-exclusively. The issue of religion is a rather complicated one, personally i believe God is and that will never change. Sincerely another confused brother.