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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Agya Koo Nimo is a Legend

The National Theatre of Ghana is 20 years old. As part of activities to celebrate, the theatre in collaboration with Roverman Productions and Openemma Productions have planned events to celebrate various legends in the arts in Ghana. Agya Koo Nimo was the first to be celebrated and his event took place this past weekend(Saturday and Sunday). I was at the Sunday event with a friend.

I don't know much about music but it was quite clear to me that what happened on Sunday night was some sort of musical magic. Agya Koo Nimo with his Adadam Agofomma played along the National Symphony Orchestra, the Ghana Police Band and the Tema Youth Choir. That's a fuse of palm-wine high-life, orchestral, regimental and choral music; which according to the host has never been done before. I was quite pleased to be there.

Since the very first time I watched Agya Koo Nimo and his Adadam Agofomma perform at the premiering of Akosua Adoma's Kweku Ananse short film, I've been in love. I've heard his music for years, but fell in love because of  his story telling skills and wisdom. He introduces every song he performs with an often serious life lesson filled and yet humorous story. I'm still struggling with my self to figure out which of his stories is my favorite; whether it is the one about the 1962 bad winter in London or about the 90 year old granddad planting a coconut farm or the one about Socrates and his quarrelsome wife. The ensemble performed ten songs as scheduled but did a few encores for the intrigued audience. Here's the list of songs performed on the night.
Akokɔ bɔn
Owusu Semamma
Naa Densua
Osammarima (Fiera mmone kɔ)
Aburokyire Abrabɔ 
Yare yɛ ya
Otuo Akyeampong
Akora Dua Kobe
Okomfo Anokye

I left the National Theatre with a greater appreciation and respect for Agya Koo Nimo, his band and the National Symphony Orchestra. Ghana needs to pay more attention to the arts chale.

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