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Monday, 25 February 2013

Ballin' In West

I promised my self I'll put up this post before going to bed today. As you might know, I'm in Sekondi-Takoradi to cover the 9th Ghana Polytechnic Sports Association(GHAPSA) basketball for @ReboundGH. This is about my third visit to the Western region but I've not really had the opportunity to play ball on the soil of the now Oil City. The opportunity came this afternoon when a couple of the T'di Poly basketball team guys planned to take a drive down to St. John's School to watch/play pickup. I quickly accepted the offer to join the trip.

Meanwhile, I had already spotted the St. John's court because of location on the drive from Sekondi to Takoradi; it's located close to the entrance and front fence of the school. About 10minutes of driving and alas here we were. Even though we were a bit late(by standards of other places I've played), we were right in time for formation of teams for the full court game to 7 runs.

I must say I was impressed with the level of organisation in the Sekondi game and hope it's the same throughout the region.
The rules were simple;
• Full court, game to 7(2's and 3's counted) or team with higher points at the end of 5 minutes stayed.
• Winner stays so far as they keep winning.
• Team fouls are kept and teams get to take free throws after opposing teams had accumulated 5 team fouls.(this obviously kept the fouling and aggression level of the game quite decent, I must confess)

The St. John's court is what is often described as the typical pickup basketball court scene. Almost all the needed characters were present;
• The senior citizen who has once had game but has been slowed down by age was present doing more talking than playing.
• That guy who has the horrible shooting form but is the most prolific 3 point shooter on the court was present jacking up shots at will.
• The unanimous best player was present and this kid was legit, can actually handle the ball to save his life and dish out the assist right when you needed it( I know because I was in his team ), kid has a decent stroke too.
• The macho man who is all muscle and looks like he has the strength of Hercules but misses the simplest, easiest and closest of shots too often was there too.
• The kid with the fancy NBA gear but not the game to back it was there, he actually came late! He was rocking a Miami Heat jersey and Adizero 1,5's I think(in red patent leather)

There's no denial I had fun playing here apart from the fact that I got tired a bit too early. That aside, I'll definitely go by any time I'm in town... 
I finally balled in the West! 

PS: All photos taken with an iPhone

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