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Saturday, 20 October 2012

B for Bored.

After how these past few weeks have gone at the workshop, and how tired I am typing this, there's no better time for Mr Adjei's (chemistry teacher in Accra Academy) mantra; ''to be a man, na waa oo'' to pop up in my clogged head.

But I'm not talking about work today, even though I started my day by re-watching Alain de Botton's TED talk on ''A kinder, gentler philosophy of success''. 

I had to do a quick round trip through town to get a few things to finish a job at the shop. I had to do the bank first then do tip-toe lane then back home; to the shop. I just realized how bored I was when I got to Mallam and decided to do something to cheer a bored soul. I took out my BB (which has has seen it own share of the harshness and old age) and started taking a few shots. It just happened that I decided to take photos of all bus terminals I would go through throughout the day.

Cab section of Mallam station, Mc Carthy Hill in the back.
 Above is my first shot, took it while in the queue waiting a for a troski to Kaneshie.
Trotro section, of course there should be queues in the morning, sigh!

West wing of Kaneshie market
East wing

Main Kaneshie market troski station

Circle Station

the Willow Brook bus I boarded to Odorkor

3 white troskis in a row; thought 'twas interesting

Willow Brook cockpit


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