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Monday, 7 May 2012

Thank You! Blogging Ghana.

I have been blogging somewhat for the past few years. I'm a big basketball fan and hope to help drive Ghana Basketball to higher heights. Check out REBOUND. I enjoy reading and writing quite a bit and have always enjoyed my English classes. I've spent many a night brooding over the idea of having my own blog but like we say in Ghana the ''vim'' has never been enough.

But then I attended Blogging Ghana's #blogcamp12 and the vim level shot up like crazy! and here I am putting up my very first. 

This was one of the few events I've attended in Ghana where people weren't complaining about it being too long, case in point; check out our churches on Sundays when they run minutes late. Let's not waste time to describe what the faces change to in the pews.
In my #blogcamp12 t'shirt

I've been trying to figure out how else to describe this wonderful convention of young Ghanaian minds who are making a difference in their own small ways. But it struck me that I need not bother my self thinking, after I saw @Anti-Rhythm's post about the day. He described #BlogCamp12 as a gathering of so many still-growing minds with yards of yen for social medial relevance; relevant as content creators and catchers too. Beat that if you

The day was on point and out-rightly informative. From Anti-Rhythm  himself  doing damage with his presentation to Nana Kofi Acquah's presentation on photography to the entertainment and marketing session with @Abocco and co.

What did I learn?
Nana Kofi thought me that as a blogger I'm an activist of sorts and need to take stand on issues, no politically being correct things.

Anti-Rhythm thought me that I'm not a journo and if I slack with my words I could end up at Nsawam or make a hole in my bank account that will last forever.

The whole event thought me or should I say confirmed what Ken Robinson said in one of his TED presentations; collaboration is the stuff of genius!

Blogging Ghana, thank you; medaase, oyi wala d)nn , akpe loooo


  1. Its a honor to be the first commenter on this blog! You seem to be a natural, informative heading, great flowing language with a pic! Welcome to the world of bloggers. (Next thing you can do is learn how to link to others' blogs, start with nana kofi aquah and Anti Rhythm. When you link to them, they will see this post!)

  2. Great post. I must admit, blogcamp12 motivated me a lot. Meeting @ameyaw112 to learn more about how to make money with my blog ( ) was a great experience. The 'vim' in me now is incredibly high. Good to meet you and @raindolf of OasisWEB.... Kudos Blogcamp organizers.

  3. Way to go Kwei! Like I said in my post:, the event was simply stimulating and it was encouraging as well. 'twas great meeting you guys.

  4. I wish you more vim! Been feeling a bit more of the vim myself. You sound really fun. Would be looking out for more vim fuelled blogs from you.

  5. Thanks guys! really appreciate...and will try to keep my vim level at a constant high and i pray yours to remain high!